Fragrance Quiz: Which Cologne Scent Is Best For Me?

We know choosing a men's fragrance is no easy task. There are so many different factors to consider from scent type, season, occasion, strength, and more. And, since no one has developed a way to sniff thru a computer yet, we thought this little short quiz tool might come in handy to help you smell your best and most confident. Simply answer a few short questions (this takes seconds), and find the perfect men's  fragrance that suits you and your personality best. Now let's get started!





Quick Takes On Each Of Our Products

Our Fragrances

REBEL EDP - an infatuating citrus blend with lasting notes of woods, musk, and spice. Inspired by the amazing Creed Aventus scent, this scent is perfect for any occasion like date night or season, a truly versatile and luxurious signature scent. Our #1 best-selling scent.

HERO EDP – aromatic notes that finish with earthy tones. A truly clean, cool, and fresh scent. Inspired by the ridiculously popular Acqua Di Gio fragrance, this sweet scent is perfect for the warmer months and is sure to leave a lasting impression. You literally can't go wrong with this one.

KING EDP – fresh, grassy, spice notes complimented with sandalwood, musk, lavender, and lemongrass that mingle perfectly together. Inspired by the legendary Green Irish Tweed by Creed fragrance, this one is perfect for the fall months and those formal nights dancing away with the spicy senorita.

VILLAIN EDPan alluring burst of coriander and nutmeg spice with a clever transition  of cinnamon spice, tobacco, vanilla, tonka, and woods intertwine for a rugged feel with a soft, fresh, sexy vibe. Inspired by the private blend Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, this one is great for the fall, but super versatile to hit all the seasons. A great choice for when on a date.

SAMPLES SET - still can't decide which one is right for you. Check out our generous sized samples to give them all a shot before finding your signature scent!

Cologne Tips To Become A Fragrance Expert

  • LESS IS MORE: You don’t need too much. Two or possibly three spritzes depending on the fragrance power and that should be it. You don’t want to be the guy everyone can smell from a mile away.
  • DITCH THE MIST: The mist technique doesn’t work. This technique is when you spritz the fragrance in the air, and then walk into it thinking that’s going to be the best way to smell good all over. Nope. Doesn’t work. Also, rubbing your wrists together, is a no-go as you are just destroying the delicate balance of the cologne.
  • IT'S NOT FOR YOUR CLOTHES: Do not spray the cologne on your clothes (or at least too close while applying) as the potion can easily ruin them. Cologne is full of oil and alcohol. It’s not made or created for going on clothing. It’s supposed to combine with your aroma/skin to work its magic. If doing it, go gently.
  • BEST TIME TO APPLY: The best time to spray the cologne is of course after the shower when the steam/heat opens up your pores, and that’s music to a fragrance bottles ears as the formula is allowed to sink in to the skin and helps make it last longer.

How Colognes Work

Colognes are typically made up of three notes: top notes, middle notes (also known as heart), and base notes. 

  • Top Notes – These are the scents present immediately upon application. They are usually very strong, even overpowering at times. But, they don’t last long, as the transition usually takes about 30 minutes for these to dissipate to proper levels.  These notes win you over, but aren't the legacy of the fragrance.
  • Middle Notes (Heart) – These notes emerge just prior to the dissipation of top notes. They mask any unpleasant initial impressions of top notes which settle over time and help transition to the almighty base notes.
  • Lasting Base Notes – These notes are reflective of the main theme of the scent. These are considered the most important notes when choosing a scent as they are the ones that last on you forever.

Cologne Types

All scents are classified by their concentration percentage. This is the ratio of oils to water/alcohol present in the solution. Understanding this concentration allows you to not only choose a scent but also gives you an idea of how much to apply.  

  • Eau de Parfum (EDP) – EDP’s are concentrations of 15-20%, typically around 15%. These are the strongest scents generally for men with shelf lives of up to six hours after application. Pete & Pedro fragrances are all very high EDP concentrations.
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT) – EDT’s are concentrations of 10-15%, typically 10%. These are subtler scents with shelf lives of up to 4 hours after application.
  • Eau de Cologne (EDC) – EDC’s are concentrations of 3-8%, typically 5%. These scents are weaker, but still should get their fragrance across, just not for a long time.
  • Splash/Aftershave – these have concentrations of 1-3%. These scents are the weakest with shelf lives of less than an hour after application.

Learn your concentration gentleman when figuring out which fragrance to purchase. This is the first crucial step, but in general go with the top two if you're buying a cologne in our humble opinion.

How To Apply Cologne Properly

Now that you've found the perfect scent for you, make sure you're apply it properly to maximize it's potential. Don't forget those pulse points!

How are scents categorized?

There are four basic scent groups for fragrance. Now you can dive into all the subcategories; we recommend you don’t just yet. Just knowing these basic four will give you a base knowledge to help you move forward. The basic four are floral, oriental, fresh, and woodsy. 

  • Floral – This one is pretty self-explanatory, it smells like flowers. But don’t be turned away, floral scents are wide and can be very manly.
  • Oriental – Mixtures of spices and vanilla give these scents a resin-like aroma that is warm and spicy… and seductive!
  • Fresh – From lavender to herbs to citrus, these scents are bright and airy giving you a “fresh out of the shower” scent. 
  • Woodsy – Moss, fir, and forest aromas, these scents give you that “man’s man” darker aroma.

Don't Make These Cologne Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but here's the one's you don't want to make when it comes to your signature scent!

  • Not A Fan – Wearing cologne calms you, gives you confidence, and most women love it. If your only reason for wearing it is the last one, we think that’s more than enough to do a few spritzes before going out.
  • Less Is More – You don’t want to be the guy everyone can smell from a mile away. Too much is a total turn-off.
  • Keep A Few Handy  – It’s cool to have a signature scent, but if you want to do fragrance right you should have a few in your repertoire. Have one for spring/summer, one for winter/fall, one for office/formal gatherings, and one for going out at night.
  • Improper Application – Make sure you are applying the cologne to your skin and not your clothing. It needs to react with the natural oils in your skin to work most effectively.
  • Improper Storage – Treat your cologne right and it will last a long time. Find a cool, dark spot for storage. Exposure to sunlight and a wide range of temperatures not only shortens the shelf life, but can even alter the scent. When you travel, don’t bring the entire expensive bottle with you! Bring a cologne refillable travel sprayer that makes taking your favorite fragrance with you anywhere a breeze.
  • Don’t do the spray-and-walk - That method of cologne application where you aggressively spray your cologne into the air and then run through is actually a bad way to go.  It coats the room rather than your body.
  • Don’t do the pour-and-dab - Cologne is not aftershave. Whatever you do, do not pour it into your hands and dab it onto the skin. Any kind of pouring will only leave the skin over-concentrated with cologne.

    Fragrance Terms To Know

    • Tone - The underlying smells that combine to make up the final theme.  Let’s put that in context, think of cooking a meal. If the notes were the ingredients, the tone would be the final dish.
    • Depth - Is the ability of the fragrance to hold its tones throughout all three note phases. Depth is a great indicator of high-quality fragrance, one which typically requires fewer sprays at application and maintains its amazing scent throughout the entire application life.
    • Dry Down - As layers of the cologne give way with one another, oils will interact with your specific body chemistry personalizing the scent. Meaning, it will smell slightly different from person to person. This is referred to as the dry down scent, and it’s what makes all fragrances slightly unique to you.
    • Projection - Refers to the radius around a person needed to be within to pick up the scent of their fragrance. A good rule of thumb is the three foot rule. You don't want to be noticed from across the room, but you also don't want someone to have to be right on top of you to catch a whiff. 
    • Ozone - Refers to aromatic compounds that have a distinctive odor reminiscent of fresh air, similar to that of morning rain. A nice, clean scent, giving you that fresh out of the shower smell.
    • Musk - Originally extracted from animals including a specific type of deer, musks are now almost exclusively synthetic. They feature a strongly animalistic character but can sometimes be sourced from plants such as labdanum. If you're looking for that "manly" scent, something with a nice musk is a great place to start.

    How To Smell Amazing Without Fragrance

    1. Body Wash: Body washes aren’t overpowering, but they will give your skin a nice, subtle scent. Unlike cologne, people will have to get a little close to notice, but that’s not always a bad thing. A great body wash also keeps your skin clean, healthy, and moisturized. If you’re not sure how to use it, check out our step by step guide, and get that skin looking and smelling amazing.
    2. Deodorant: This one should be a given, yet we can’t exclude it. Wear deodorant! A scented deodorant will also give you a subtle, but not overpowering scent. 
    3. Shampoo and Conditioner: A high-quality shampoo and conditioner will not only keep your hair healthy and looking great, but will also keep it smelling great too.
    4. Powder The Boys: It’s no secret this region is prone to moisture. We’ll leave it at that. Bottom line here is powder up.  Premium Powder not only provides protection from chaffing, but also eliminates sweat, odor, and bacteria, giving you that fresh out of the shower feeling all day long.
    5. Beard Balms & Oils: If you have a beard, don’t neglect it. It too is susceptible to trapping odors. A great beard balm or oil will make sure your beard not only looks and feels amazing, but doesn’t smell like the cup of soup you ate for lunch. Oil the beard and make sure it smells amazing.

    The Final Recap: Top Ten Men's Fragrance Tips

    1. Less is more gents. Don't take a bath in it. Just a few sprays will do just fine.
    2. Ditch the mist technique. Most of that signature scent gets lost in the air. Save your cash, ditch the mist.
    3. Don't spray on clothes. Colognes are way less effective when applied to clothing compared to your skin.
    4. Use your pulse points. Maximize the projection!
    5. Apply to dry, clean skin. Fresh out of the shower is the perfect time for application.
    6. Keep a few handy. Having a signature scent is awesome, but don't be afraid to mix it up.
    7. Avoid improper storage. Find a cool, dark spot for storage. Remember exposure to sunlight and a wide range of temperatures shortens the shelf life of your fragrance.
    8. Use a sprayer only. Any kind of pouring will only leave the skin over-concentrated with cologne
    9. Refresh as necessary. Even with more concentrated fragrances, the strength of the aroma will fade slightly throughout the day.
    10. Samples. Most online retailers will sell sample size versions of their signature scents. This allows you to test out the fragrance for awhile before committing too grabbing a full size bottle. Take advantage of the sample sizes, it's a great way to test out a new scent for a few days, before diving all in!

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