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Beard Care Products

Growing a beard is easy. Maintaining one... not so easy. Grab our amazing beard oil, beard balms, and beard tools to keep your scruff happy. Then, grab the Stubble Buddy to make cleaning up those beard clippings a breeze! Our see-thru pre-shave oil is great for detailing mustaches and goatees, too.

mens military style beard hair brush
Oval Military Men's Hair & Beard Brush
Loaded with over two thousand bristles, super versatile oval military hair and beard brush effectively styles and grooms your hair, beard, mustache, and more.

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mens hair beard mustache comb
Pocket Hair, Beard, & Mustache Double-Sided Comb
Dual-sided strong, sturdy, pocket-sized comb is equipped with fine & coarse teeth to tackle, style, and detangle every type of hair, beard, or mustache.

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Build custom hair care kit
Build Your Own Hair Care & Grooming Kit
Our Build Your Own Kit makes creating your own personalized hair & grooming kit a total breeze! You can choose more than 1 product from each category too. **BRAND NEW**


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portable folding travel mirror
Portable Folding Large Mirror With Stand (New)
Adjustable, foldable, portable mirror is easy to use, perfect for travel, great for close-ups, and provides a true reflection without distortion. 

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Beard Care Maintenance & Products

Every dude at some point in their life wants to grow a beard. They just do. Then, you get a bit older and realize that growing a beard isn’t the most comfortable thing to do and actually take a lot of work. And, that’s just the beginning! Once you’ve grown your scruff out, maintaining a beard properly almost becomes a second job. The good news though is that the rewards are huge. You look manly, most spicy senoritas enjoy some scruff on their man, and it becomes a cool fashion/grooming statement. If you’re going to try growing a beard, you’ll want to grab these products below.

Beard Balm – is like a conditioner and styling agent all-in-one. The hair on your beard needs to be maintained and hydrated and the balm helps keep fly-aways in order. It also helps hydrate the skin underneath so that it gets some much needed moisturizing energy and helps get rid of beardruff too.

Beard Oil – is great for giving your beard a big-time energy boost. The oil softens the beard hair, and brings a ton of moisture to the hair and the skin underneath so you don’t get beard flakes. If you’ve got a huge beard, using a beard oil can be critical.

The Stubble Buddy - Manscaping vacuum tool cleans up your hair trimmings after you trim your beard. A relationship-saver!

So, beard balm or beard oil, the great debate? Go with balm if you're scruff isn't too big, go with beard oil if you've got a huge beard, but honestly the best option is to use both. They both help out and work best in tandem.

Beard Tools – Having a beard trimmer, beard comb/brush and beard scissors are essential to maintaining a great beard. Trim those fly-aways with ease with the scissor and use that comb to get out those crumbs and knots. Nothing looks worse than seeing some lucky charms stuck in your beard.