Meet H.A.R.T. (Hair-Styling Aid Recommendation Tool)

Gentlemen, picking your nose is easy. Picking a men's hair styling aid... not so easy. Hence, we created our Hair-Styling Aid Recommendation Tool (H.A.R.T.) which just might be the best creation since SALT (our hair product, not the seasoning). If you've asked yourself, "which hair product type should I use?," this is the hairstyling tool to check out. Simply choose the hair style type you desire, how much shine and hold you're looking for, and voila, we'll provide a personalized pick in seconds from one of our best-in-class styling aids. That's it... now get started.

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Quick Takes On Each Of Our Products

A little info about our men's hairstyling products. We know choosing a hair product isn't easy, but hopefully with the above hair tool and our hair advice tips below and on the site you should have all the info you need to make a solid choice.

HAIR TIP: There's no right or wrong answer, you just have to choose the hair product that fits your hair needs most. Sometimes testing out a few products is all it takes to find the right one, or even cocktailing a couple of products together!

Generally, there are 3 key things to consider when choosing a hair product:

  1. Hairstyle - the hair style you desire (or have) and your hair length will really help determine what type of product you are looking for based on the below characteristics of shine and hold.
  2. Shine - Shine level tells you how much your hair will look shiny or glossy. On the other end, when we say matte, that means the product will absorb the light and therefore make your hair have zero shine.
  3. Hold - tells you the holding strength of the product. Some products will provide a super strong hold so your hair won't move at all, while others will provide a light hold for more flexibility.

You can see our hair charts here that explain visually each of our products shine and hold level.

ONE LAST HAIR TIP: Don't forget to grab our Pre-Stylers after you figure out which styling aid to use - they make all the difference. SALT adds incredible volume and texture. TREAT adds incredible moisture and keeps hair soft and strong while reducing frizz. PROTECT is essential if you are using a hair dryer for heat protection.

You can see our hair charts here that explain visually each of our products shine and hold level.


Our Men's Hairstyling Products

Putty is our #1 seller and provides a strong hold with low shine. Honestly, it is one of the best hair products on the planet! Don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

SALT is our natural sea salt spray for men that will rock your hair world. If you've never used a salt spray, it is time to start and this is the one to grab. It's amazing! SALT sea salt spray adds instant thickness, volume, texture, and a light hold. SALT is generally used as a pre-styler, meaning you tag-team with any of our other styling aids first. You can use it solo of course too, and SALT is great for bed head. Trust us, SALT is a gamechanger.

Clay is a bit more versatile and creamier than most clays. It provides a strong hold with low shine that is typical of most clays. Clay adds incredible thickness and body and ours is lightweight too.

Paste is probably our most versatile product as it can honestly be used for any hair style. It provides incredible texture without being stiff, greasy, or flaky. It provides middle of the road hold and shine, but there's nothing average about this styling aid. It's a rockstar.

Cream is perfect for men who simply need a light hold and don't really want to look like they are using too much hair product. Our cream is great for eliminating frizz and flyaways without adding the greasiness or stiffness you will find in waxes or gels. Hair cream also helps with some light conditioning and is a good option for men with thinning or fine hair who don't like the weight of a pomade or gel.

Pomade  is a true classic pomade that provides medium hold with a ton of shine and control. Generally, pomades are great if you want your hair in a neat, slick manner. If you're using a comb, there is a good chance you might want to try our pomade. Ours is water-soluable making it easy to wash out too. If you're looking to slick your hair over or back, want a wet or shiny, soft hair texture, grab Pomade!

Power Pomade is our Pomade on 'roids... takes everything that Pomade does to the next level. So, if you want some serious hold and shine with that same Pomade feel, don't fight the power, grab it.

GELous is our high hold and high shine gel superstar. Gel is one of the most common hair styling proudcts for men. If you're looking for the slick-backed look with high-shine, a gel is a great way to go.

FREEZE Hairspray is perfect for the finishing touches to any hairstyle to lock it in place all day long. You can use it solo or in tandem with any of our other men's hairstyling products. Just a few sprays of FREEZE an we like to say, set it and forget it. So true. FREEZE also adds a bit of texture, volume, and shine as well.

That's it. A lot of choices. We know. So, if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us. Don't forget to check out our grooming and hair advice section which is filled with videos, tips, advice, and articles so you can achieve Bueno Hair!


The Best Hair Product for Each Men's Hair Type

Straight Hair Type - When it comes to styling straight-hair it has got it good as almost anything works. However, since there might be a lot of natural shine, we recommend a low shine product. For low hold you’ll want to use a Cream, for medium hold use a Clay, and for high hold a Putty. All of which will make for easy styling of any cut, without adding any big shine.

Wavy Hair Type - Depending on your style you may be able to get away with just using a light hold pre-styler that adds a bit of volume and texture. If your hair is a bit on the thinner side, you’ll definitely want to stay away from any styling aid that’s too heavy, as it will bring that hair  down, giving your hair a flat, life-less appearance. Anything low hold, like a cream, should be enough to pull off any style that goes with wavy hair. 

Curly Hair Type - The easiest and most effective style for curly hair is short on the sides with a bit of length on top. As for styling aids, you’ll want to avoid anything heavy that can weight down the curls. A quality cream is the best way to go, or a light hold pre-styler if you’re looking for a more natural look. 

Coily Hair Type - Styling “Coily” hair can be difficult, as training the hair to do much of anything outside of its natural curl is quite difficult. Instead focus on finding the proper length for your face shape. A great pre-styler is all you’ll need to add a bit of volume and texture. Avoid anything high hold and heavy, as it will just weigh your hair down. 

The Best Hair Product for Each Face Shape

Square Face - tend to look boxy with the wrong hair cut, adding some volume is crucial to give it a good look.

Round Face - this cut is all about creating definition and length so your face looks more oval than circular. Add some extra volume and slim out your face by avoiding any bulk and keeping the sides closely cropped.

Oval Face - is the envy of face shape as almost any hairstyle will look great with it. It is considered the most symmetrical and easiest to style.

Heart Face - is marked by its slim jawline and wider cheeks so remember to avoid anything to short.

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