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Bueno Hair FAQ's

Thanks for yor interest in Pete and Pedro. Below are the top questions our team recieves about our company and our line of award-winning men's grooming products.
About Products and Ordering
What are the ingredients of the Pete and Pedro products?
All product ingredients are listed on each product page respectively
Do you test your products on animals?
No. Pete and Pedro products are not tested on animals.
Where are your products made?
All of Pete and Pedro products are created in the United States.
What sizes are the products?
The regular size styling aid jars hold 2 ounces. XL Putty and Clay are 4 ounces. GELous contains 7 ounces. Clean, Condition, and SALT are 8 ounces; Clean XL and Condition XL are 32 ounces.
Can you send me samples?
Pete and Pedro doesn't currently offer samples of their products.
Is Sales Tax applied to my order?
Georgia Sales Tax is applied respectively.
Can you use multiple promotional codes on one order?
Only one promotional code is accepted per order.
Customer Service
My Putty seems hard. What's up with that?
Don’t worry! The Putty has a bit of a learning curve. The deal is that a lot of guys get their shipment and open up thinking there’s something wrong, it's bad, or it must be old because it’s hard. That is absolutely not the case! Here is the deal- when you get your Putty when it is cold outside, it's going to be even harder.
• Bring it in let it warm up to room temperature.
• Using dry hands, dig a little bit by breaking it off in clumps. Wet it won't work because the product will just slide all over.
• Next, rub your hands together like crazy so the product disappears.
• Simply run it down to the roots and style like you want to. Bingo bango! Sexy hair!
Now one thing, as you get down a little bit deeper into the jar, it does get a little bit softer, but at first it is hard and will clump. It’s absolutely amazing! So, go give it a try and understand that there is some degree of a learning curve whenever you try a new product. When you use a high hold, matte product like Putty, the learning curve does go up a little bit. But I promise it's perfect. It's incredible, and your hair … oh my goodness, bueno!
Can I return or exchange my order?
Pete and Pedro does not refund or exchange USED products. In regard to returns and exchanges of UNUSED products, email
Can I cancel my order?
Sure. You can cancel it on your own till it has been shipped. You can cancel it within your order confirmation email and/or account. You can also simply edit the order which cancels the original and reissues a new number - you'd still need to place another order but it saves you a few steps.

If you're not sure about the above, please email to cancel your order. Pete and Pedro's goal is to ship all orders in 1 business day or less. If you need to cancel an order, please type "CANCEL ORDER" in the email's subject line so we can identify it as quickly as possible.

NOTE: Cancellations are not possible after the package has been shipped. Cancellations after shipment may be refunded (product cost less shipping) if the package is returned unopened.
What if one of the following occurs? Shipping error, order discrepancy, damaged item, incorrect address, incorrect items, or missing items.
Please inform Pete and Pedro of any shipping error within 10 days of the delivery date to The following information is required for verification.

• Photo of the shipping box
• Photo of the damage/incorrect item
• Customer Service will review the order and respond within 24 hours.
Looking to contact customer service or submit feedback?
Please email us at
Wholesale Buyer Program
I'm a salon, barber shop, spa, or related retail outlet and want to sell some BUENO HAIR. How can I submit an application?
Applications are accepted for RETAIL sales only. Additionally, Pete and Pedro is not entertaining international applications at this time. Please follow the steps below:
• Complete the application Wholesale Buyer Application
• Sign the Wholesale Buyer Agreement
• Email both as an attachment to Debbie at
• Please allow 3 -5 business days for the approval process!
The Bueno Hair Club
What is the Bueno Hair Club?
Do you want to save money on shipping AND have Pete and Pedro delivered to you on an automatic schedule so you don’t have to worry about running out of bueno hair? The club will give you free shipping, and deliver Pete and Pedro to your door when you need it (not available internationally, sorry!). Simply select your interval, select your products, and leave the rest to Pete and Pedro.
How do I determine the Bueno Hair Club interval that's right for me?
Pay attention to how long it takes you to go through 1/2 of the jar. When you hit the halfway mark, multiply the weeks by two and then head to the Bueno Hair Club website page to sign up. This is the best way to maintain your Bueno Hair and save money on shipping.
How do I sign up for the Bueno Hair Club?
Please visit the Bueno Hair Club section of the website and proceed through the sign-up process. It’s as easy as uno, dos, tres!
What about shipping charges?
Shipping is free for every Bueno Hair Club membership. Domestic memberships available only.
When do items ship?
Your first order will ship within 2 business days. All future orders will be processed depending on the interval chosen when submitting your membership.
When will I be charged for club orders?
Orders are billed to the form of payment registered with the membership and on the day the order is shipped. You can cancel any order up to 24 hours before the next order date.